3 best business books I’ve read

As a photographer, there is more to my job than taking photos. I have to run a business as well, and usually that is more of what I spend my time doing if we were looking at a pie chart of all my daily tasks combined. Even if you are not a photographer, running any business comes with ever present challenges, changes and shifts in the business world.

Wether or not you have gone to college, taken few classes or maybe haven’t gone to any type of further education for business, you will find it a good idea to continue expanding your knowledge if you want to grow as a person and business. I myself did not take any college courses on how to run a business and I hadn’t planned to be doing just that a few years later! One way I keep up to speed and challenge myself is by reading business books. My goal this year is to read 1 business book a month. I love reading books by people who have been there and have experienced the growing pains and trials and error and who then want to help others in their journey of owning a business. So here are my 3 best business books I’ve read.




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Platform: Get noticed in a noisy world by Michael Hyatt

This book is very practical in starting a firm foundation or “platform” for your business in the ever growing world of online marketing and selling your brand. Michael Hyatt is one of the top business bloggers in the world. He goes into detail the ways on how to get noticed with an online presence and through social media techniques, and to expand your influence. I still use many of the points I learned from his book today with my business! I highly recommend checking out his blog in which I still follow.




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How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

This title is creative isn’t it? Winning friends seems a little shallow, but this book is nothing but! I think its really easy while running a business to forget that people are the most important part. If you want someone to genuinely be interested in you or your product, you have to be genuinely interested in them and their point of view as well. Dale talks about how to influence people to your way of thinking, how to get people to like you (which is in my opinion the most important!) and different techniques in handling different human relation situations. This has been such a great book and I have found that it benefits me in every area of my life, not just my business.




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Fast Track Photographer by Dane Sanders

Fast Track is a book written by Dane Sanders, a photographer, mentor and influential speaker in the photo world! I have meet him in person at WPPI Las Vegas and he is a stand up guy. This book is mainly for photographers, but I think you can relate his view points to any type of business honestly! He encourages creativity, and finding your YOU-nique gifts and talents and using that to stand out amongst the crowded industry. What do you have that makes you, you? It also comes with a self assessment that pulls out your personality and your individuality and strengths as a person. I actually feel like I should read this again because it was really encouraging. It gave me the courage to step out into who I am as I relate to my clients and it better helped me to narrow down my target client.



So there you have my 3 best business books I have read so far! I look forward to reading more and growing as a person a photographer, and a business. I encourage you to do the same! Expand your expertise, skill and abilities to better relate to your specific market and to the people you deal with around you! Challenge extended!

I will be sure to share again the next 3-5 books I read with you, so check back for more reviews!





Do you have any comments on the above books? Or any other good reads to share? Id love to hear them in the comments!

Love Dana

  • Leah

    Dana– do you think I could borrow one of these from you? I could check the library too, I suppose :) Maybe you could tell me which you think would be the best to start with!

    • Dana Johnson

      Yes of course! Id say start with Platform!