3 reasons why you should reward yourself

Happiest Thursday everyone!



Today is my birthday, yep the big 2-6! And I have set aside some much needed ME time! What’s that word, you say? I know it can be a foreign language when you start talking about time for yourself, or doing something for YOU. I understand, I am the type that has to force myself off of my computer to allow myself a 20 minute lunch break. But as I grow as person and as a self employed business owner, I come to see the true value of setting aside time, or money or whatever it is that makes you re-charge or get back to that enjoyable place. I think there is a real importance of rewarding yourself after hard work, continuous stress, and achieved goals. I have 3 top reasons why rewarding yourself is a must do on a regular basis.



1.) Rewarding yourself helps you to set and achieve goals.
If you set forward a goal and what you will give yourself if you reach it, you are more likely to want to work hard to reach that goal. It gives you something to look forward to, and to keep pressing forward when those difficult and boring tasks are what needs done. It can be as simple as a special cup of coffee or smoothie at your favorite place, or maybe even a vaca get away! That part is up to you and your budget. : )

2.) Rewarding yourself helps you re-charge and re-focus.
When you work hard and are under stress, if you dont allow yourself time to r-charge your batteries or re-focus you will eventually burn out even if you think you are as tough as a duracell battery. You will reach a breaking point, and by then you might already be experiencing the beginnings of a crumbling foundation or platform that you have worked so hard to put in place. It makes you a better person to work with, and your clients/employees or whoever it would effect, deserve your full potential and talent.

3). Rewarding yourself makes you a stronger leader.
It is a proven fact that reward and recognition is a tool that works better than condemnation for employees, so why wouldn’t we practice that on ourselves? When employees know that their efforts are appreciated, it increases their self-esteem and satisfaction with their job. Their improved attitude toward their job encourages them to aim for quality and increases productivity. Thus, we should do this as well for ourselves! Wether you are self employed or just wanting to encourage yourself personally to grow or even with a hobby you want to press forward in, this can be beneficial for anyone. It also makes you a stronger leader because it puts you into a habit of good encouragement which I solidly believe is the key to persuading someone to hard work, or getting them to come to like your ideas or even agree with your opinions. Its not a trick or a manipulation, but just out of genuine appreciation and encouragement and recognition (or reward), you can become a leader that people want to follow and work for or look to.





So here I am. My reward quarterly is almost ALWAYS an hour long massage or a new pair of cute boots/shoes. On a more weekly basis, allowing time to go for a walk, read a book or take a bath and just pray and relax! I will contend that I am a much happier person, and I get alot more done when I have something to look forward to!

I love this photo of my beautiful friend Katherine, I thought it just fit so well with the post! She looks free and delighted to be enjoying herself and letting go of all the stresses in life!

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How about you? What do you reward yourself with? OR maybe you dont, does this post make you want to start a new healthy habit?
Leave your comments below! Id love to hear from you!