3 tips to staying organized while planning your wedding

I think I can speak for us ALL when I say that each one of us either love, or at least like to TRY to stay organized in life. Or pretend : ) And if you have been a bride planning a wedding before, you know that it is even more of an importance because you are on a time schedule. Getting married is suppose to be a joyous occasion! So lets keep it that way. As a wedding photographer, I love weddings! I love being more involved with my couples getting married and so that’s why I only book a limited number of weddings each year. Part of what I do as your wedding photographer is help you stay organized in what ways that I can. I keep in touch with my brides and send them reminders, tips and ideas to help things go smoother and to remind them to think about those little things that can get forgotten in the mumbo jumbo of craziness through planning.


This is my very FIRST video! I will be sharing videos often to help brides, give tips, reminders, ideas, and wedding photography information. I will also have videos for photographers and tutorials and reviews on different photography + wedding related topics! Im really looking forward to sharing more with you all and I hope you enjoy this first video on “3 tips to staying organized while planning your wedding.”






TIP #1

Dont get lazy!
Spread out your planning and booking vendors through out the time you have. Don’t wait until the last month to get all the details figured out and all the vendors booked. You will cause yourself un-necessary amounts of stress! Not everyone plans their wedding around a 12 month planning cycle, but whatever time frame you do have, do not procrastinate!

TIP #2

Share the work!
More and more I see the bride doing all the work, or the groom doing all the work. I say, share the responsibilities! The more you split the work, the less stressed you will be. You will also be able to stay more focused on individual tasks and put more into each when you have less on your plate. I notice that couples who share in the details of planning feel more connected to each other and the wedding.

TIP #3

Get an app!
There are so many cool wedding apps out there that go right on your smart phone. At the palm of your hand you can keep track of your schedule, your appts, who youve booked, vendors you owe, tasks, lists and more! Wedding wire and the knot are wedding blogs that both have great wedding apps. Pinterest is also a great app! Have your inspiration and ideas right on your phone. It also is very convenient and helpful to show your vendors such as your florist photo samples of what look you are going for.



I hope these tips are helpful!  Leave your comments below, Id love to hear from you!



What other tips do you have for staying organized?  Were these tips helpful?