About Dana

dana portraot1 About Dana


I am a bride turned wedding photographer…


That right there should tell you how much I FELL IN LOVE with weddings after I had one of my own. Its funny really, you would think that after all the planning and stress, I would kick up my high heel boots and run from weddings. Its rather quite the opposite, I adore them!  


I am thrilled to get to know you as a couple and as friends. When I think of two people and a wedding the word joy comes to mind. I am so beyond blessed & thankful to  be sharing in that joy with you as you journey closer to becoming a married couple and also watching you become one on your wedding day. Just as you work hard to acknowledge every detail of your wedding, I do the same in creating classic timeless portraiture for you and your family to be able to have for generations.


My relationship with my clients is something I truly care about and value highly. Besides capturing stunning moments of you and your loved ones, I want you to have a treasured experience you wont find any where else.

 Please check out my BLOG to learn more about me, and see my most recent work.

Love, Dana