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Happy Monday!

Wedding albums are the most beautiful way to display and share your wedding day with all our friends, family and well, lets be honest any willing (or maybe not willing) soul that steps foot in your home! The way an album can express joy, show emotion and tell a story is so much better than shoving a disc in the computer and scrolling through every image. It can be hard to share the same love for a wedding album as much as a wedding photographer does! And it can also be difficult to picture what the album would really look like. So I put together a few sample album spreads from a few of my past couples to show you what the designs can look like. Every photographer designs their albums for their clients differently. I am sharing with you a few samples of what my album designing looks like.

I really like giving my clients a classic, clean album design. With fewer images on each spread, it gives a more editorial, emotional feel to each image. Check out this album post to see more samples that include the binding and covers.

I have wedding collections that include an album and many couples choose this option. If you are a past client who has not ordered an album, its not too late! You can still have one of these beauties for yourself!

Dave + Amanda’s St James Hotel wedding
1 album designs 11 album designs 21 album designs 6 album designs 26 album designs

Josh + Lauryn’s Minneapolis Wedding
maly wedding 10 album designs maly wedding 11 album designs maly wedding 13 album designs maly wedding 15 album designs maly wedding 19 album designs Maly Wedding 24 album designs