Amazing Abby- A legacy of hope

This morning I did not anticipate crying my eyes out and having my heart emptied of myself. A few days ago, the photography world lost a beautiful soul, and fellow photographer, Abigail Smith. I never knew her, but I stumbled upon her work a few years back. I remember being taken back by the photos she had on her page. Just so beautiful and unique. Today I was on Facebook and I instantly recognized her unforgettable red curls. I couldn’t believe what I was reading, so I clicked into the link to find this video on the other end. Just 24 years old, and lost the battle against terminal cancer. Her story of her faith, her outlook on life and death and her loving relationship with her creator is something I wanted to share.

It was such a reminder to me today that each day is a gift. The time we have here is given to us, it is not ours. Abby’s faith is encouraging and I pray that my days are filled with love, joy, thankfulness, contentment and reverence to Jesus in all the ways that He works. Even when it is painful.

If you have experienced hardship, pain, and unbearable circumstances in your life, there is a hope like none other. His name is Jesus. I pray that Abby’s journey will encourage you.

Watch Amazing Abby’s story below and please share it on your blog or Facebook too!

with Love,


Amazing Abby – A Legacy of Hope from Andrew PC Smith // SMITH PIXELS on Vimeo.

  • Leah

    She IS amazing, Dana. Thanks for sharing! Praying for her family…