park rapids senior photography

park rapids photographer

Hey 2015 Seniors!   It is not too early to start thinking about booking your professional senior portrait shoot!   Park Rapids Senior Photography, Dana J seniors experience a fun, model like shoot that includes professional hair and make up right in my studio located in Park Rapids.   Your senior photos are so important […]

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October baby

maternity photos park rapids

I have so many things to share this week! But, first things first! Ive been dying to tell and so excited to announce…..     WE ARE EXPECTING our first baby in October! Let the baby bump photos begin! I would be just the worst photographer if I didn’t keep up on this now wouldn’t […]

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413 on Wacouta interview

413 on wacouta

I LOVE sharing with brides and couples, my favorite wedding vendors in the industry.  Planning can be so OVERWHELMING when there are so many options to chose from and so many wonderful vendors!   So I want to share with you one of my favorite wedding venue’s in Minneapolis/St. Paul.  413 on Wacouta Event Center!  […]

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3 reasons why you should reward yourself

park_rapids_senior portraits

Happiest Thursday everyone!     Today is my birthday, yep the big 2-6! And I have set aside some much needed ME time! What’s that word, you say? I know it can be a foreign language when you start talking about time for yourself, or doing something for YOU. I understand, I am the type […]

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help wanted: cheeky love quotes

Dana J Photography

Hey friends!   Happy Tuesday in the beautiful tundra that seems to be thawing finally!   I know I have been slow to blog, and a little absent lately, but Ive been working hard to get my studio space all set and today I have a special request that needs your input.     As […]

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self portraits for the professional


We live in the land of magic smart phones and instant selfies. I can bet almost any one person 1 million dollars right now, that you have at least 10 selfies on your smart phone at any given time? I know I am guilty! The problem with the selfie generation though, is I see too […]

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why photographers take weird photos at weddings

rochester wedding photographer

Haha. I realize the title of this post is interesting. Well, its a valid question, is it not? Ever see wedding photographers leaning awkwardly over table decor? Or laying completely still sprawled out across the floor? How about the moment you look over and see a starving wedding photographer pause to take beautiful art captures […]

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top 6 must read wedding blogs-for brides

minneapolis wedding photographer

The internet is a scary place, I know. It’s jam packed full of ideas, colors, DIY, advice, options, opinions and funny pictures of cats. It can be overwhelming to try and figure out what it is you actually want or even need for your wedding and all that entails. Ive been privileged enough to have […]

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8 valentines day facts that will shock you


Today is the “DAY OF LOVE” or so it is celebrated in the states here. So, Im curious, who’s getting married today? Anyone? How about engaged? Im quite the anti-consumerism type and I really hate how holidays are turned into a mass day or season of the media and world telling you that you have […]

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pinterest monthly contest 20 pins for $25

I have been jumping out of my boots excited to share this monthly contest with all of you! Starting this month, I will be giving away a $25 Amazon gift card when you pin 20 pins from my blog! You can also go to my Pinterest board and follow me then re-pin from there too! […]

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