3 reasons why you should reward yourself

park_rapids_senior portraits

Happiest Thursday everyone!     Today is my birthday, yep the big 2-6! And I have set aside some much needed ME time! What’s that word, you say? I know it can be a foreign language when you start talking about time for yourself, or doing something for YOU. I understand, I am the type […]

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self portraits for the professional


We live in the land of magic smart phones and instant selfies. I can bet almost any one person 1 million dollars right now, that you have at least 10 selfies on your smart phone at any given time? I know I am guilty! The problem with the selfie generation though, is I see too […]

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why photographers take weird photos at weddings

rochester wedding photographer

Haha. I realize the title of this post is interesting. Well, its a valid question, is it not? Ever see wedding photographers leaning awkwardly over table decor? Or laying completely still sprawled out across the floor? How about the moment you look over and see a starving wedding photographer pause to take beautiful art captures […]

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3 best business books I’ve read

As a photographer, there is more to my job than taking photos. I have to run a business as well, and usually that is more of what I spend my time doing if we were looking at a pie chart of all my daily tasks combined. Even if you are not a photographer, running any […]

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cleaning and caring for your camera

January. Start of a new year. A new wedding season. And an opportunity to start fresh! I usually clean out my emails, all paperwork and get everything all organized and prepped to get ready for the next busy season of weddings. This includes cleaning my camera gear. I think its one of the most over […]

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setting goals in 2014

I am a sincere advocate of setting goals and writing them down on paper.  Ive seen proof of this working in others lives around me.   It is actually said that most people who do not write them down do not follow through.  I can most assuredly attest to that last statement!  I dont want […]

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3 reasons to capture your groom getting ready

So we all love the gorgeous, soft embrace we feel when we look at a bride on her wedding day prepping to see her future husband for the first time and start her happily ever after. But what about the groom? What is he up to when all the hair, make up and fuss over […]

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Minneapolis Wedding Photographer-editing

Every wedding photographer in Minneapolis, to around the world has a different style, and technique when it comes to editing wedding photos. There is really no right or wrong way to process images, but when you are looking to hire a wedding photographer editing style plays a huge part in your decision factor! The way […]

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review 35mm 1.4

I just purchased a new lens and I am VERY excited to be able to use it with my couples and for weddings!  I got the Sigma 35mm 1.4.  So I thought  I would share with you my thoughts about the lens and if you are wondering what the hoop-hollerin is about this lens, I’m […]

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How to get the most out of your wedding season-part 5

Happy Wednesday!  Today I am continuing the series on ‘How to get the most out of your wedding season.’  Thanks for tagging along and reading these tips!  These are simply just things that have helped me with a better workflow.  If you haven’t seen the first posts, you can find them here: GET ORGANIZED SET […]

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