Color of the year-for brides

Welp, if you keep up with the latest trends, you know that every year there is a color that is in season. This isnt always a need to know for your daily wardrobe, but if you are planning a wedding this year you may want to know what color is “in” for a few reasons.

1.) You may want to follow the latest trends and compete with the celeb wedding styles.
2.) You want to avoid having the same trends as everyone else.

The choice is yours! Im not judging either way, but I will say that I DO LOVE this color for the season! and here it is!


Im really liking this color for the year! This cheerful shade is sure to give your wedding a pleasing pop! Or, if you are taking a more less bold approach, you can use more muted shades for a vintage feel. Knowing the colors for your wedding is something that you usually decide towards the beginning of the planning process. You can use color in many aspects of your wedding such as flowers, bridesmaid dresses, guys ties, accents for details, invites, jewelry, desserts and more. If you love this color, Im sure you will find some way to incorporate it into your lovely wedding! I have created a Pinterest board to help get you started on some inspiration!

Happy planning! Or should I say pinning!?

Check out the color on these celebs!

Screen Shot 2014 01 28 at 6.43.01 PM Color of the year for brides

What do you think of Radiant Orchid for this years in color?