considering an unplugged wedding for brides

Unplug; To free from obstruction.

These days everyone wants to Tweet, Instagram or Facebook in real time what is happening in their lives.  I understand, I enjoy it as well!  But when it comes to you wedding day, whats more important? The professional images you invested a great deal of money into and that will forever increase in value? Or the low quality, low lighted point + shoot images from your guests?

While it is fun to have photos from the perspective of all your guests, it can really ruin the images that you have hired a professional to take, and also distract your attention from truly living in the moment.  In many cases a guests’ flash will fire and blow out a photo where I had properly set my camera to take a perfectly lit image. Many times this happens during a crucial moment like a first kiss. Other times guests will just step out in front of me to get a shot.  Or during formal family portraits, everyone’s eyes are looking in multiple directions.  This makes it very difficult for photographers to work. : (  This is not a bitter rant,  but rather to inform you of what happens and has happened and why crucial and important moments can be missed.   Also, there are quite a few churches and venues that do not allow the photographer within 30 feet of the alter.  But yet, guests are standing in the isle obstructing the already limited view of you and your special moments.   As your photographer, I want you to cherish your wedding day photos! So I am going to do all that I can to prepare you in the best way.  Having an unplugged wedding might be a great idea and something to think about!


Sometimes I like these types of images where the MOB (Mother of the Bride) is getting a photo of the first dance.  Its a cute photo!  But it does make it difficult when guests stand directly in front  of me. The more I have to shift around other cameras, the more I miss special moments.

minneapolis wedding photography 755 considering an unplugged wedding for brides

DJP 6450 considering an unplugged wedding for brides

There is a great article that explains this in more detail here! I would strongly encourage you ( as a friendly suggestion)  to read it and just consider having an unplugged wedding, or at least educating your guests about appropriate times to take photos through out the day. : )


Do you know of any friends whose photographer missed moments due to a flash firing from a guest or obstruction of view?  Tell me in the comments about your experiences at weddings!