favorite foto friday (on monday)

Happy Monday everyone!  Im pretending like its Friday as far as posting goes, (I wish it was really Friday again!) because I was out of town Friday and did not get my Favorite Foto Friday post in!  My favorite photo this week is going to be a photo of my favorite pair of shoes. Yep.  Im that girl.  Taking photos of her shoes.  I might have a slight shoe shopping problem, but to say the least, these shoes deserve their own blog post!


I got these a few weeks back, and I like to call them my Taylor Swift shoes.  I love Taylor and I love her style.  She inspired my purchase of this fabulous footwear.  They are easy to put on, light weight, and go with practically anything!   If you like to rock the skinny jeans and oversized sweater look, then bam!  This is your shoe. You can even dress up your style and pull these babies off.  The brand is Crown Vintage Alex Oxfords in Cognac from DSW.  You can purchase/view them here.  They also come in Black/Grey or Brown!  I can’t wait to test these out for weddings! Comfy and stylish!  I swear these could even work for a very vintage hollywood wedding!

DSC 41 3 favorite foto friday (on monday)



Adorable right?! Here’s to snubbing our noses to 3 feet of snow and -30 windchill! (for us Minnesotans!) In your face winter, Im wearing my Taylor Swift flats. : )





P.S.  My girl Taylor  literally rocked the Grammys with her song “All Too Well.”  Be sure to check it out!



What do you think of these Taylor inspired Oxfords? Leave your comments below!

  • Deborah Martin

    Those shoes are so cute! I love vintage looking clothing/shoes :)