3 reasons to capture your groom getting ready

So we all love the gorgeous, soft embrace we feel when we look at a bride on her wedding day prepping to see her future husband for the first time and start her happily ever after. But what about the groom? What is he up to when all the hair, make up and fuss over dresses is going on?

Here are the top 3 reasons why you must capture the moments of your groom getting ready too!

1. The gift. A lot of couples choose to get each other a little gift or write a meaningful love note to one another to open before seeing each other on the wedding day. This is a great time to capture true emotion and his reaction to your sweet words of encouragement on such an eventful day in your lives.

2. See what he’s up to. Aren’t you just a little curious to see what your man is up to with those guys prior go time? You would not believe the hilarious situations I have come across photographing the guys getting ready! It is really fun for them to be able to look back at the time they had with the guys before the busy-ness of the day begins.

3. All about the bride? Sometimes the wedding day can seem like its all about the bride. (Well, it IS but he doesn’t have to know that!) icon wink 3 reasons to capture your groom getting ready So when you give a little spotlight to him with his buds, it may make him feel a little more included in the process.

Most people can’t be in two places at once, (at least I haven’t accomplished that yet!) So if you want to give your guy the same experience you are getting from start to finish on your wedding day, we can plan that into the timeline with the second photographer.

What are your plans for your wedding day “getting ready photos?”

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  • Leah

    Oh my goodness, I’m SO thankful that one of Charles’ groomsmen was a professional wedding photographer. He took all kinds of photos of their morning getting ready together– including the steaks grilling, the bottles of beer being opened, but also the cuff links being snapped :) Haha. Us girls had SUCH a different morning!

    • danajphoto

      I know, isn’t it crazy how different your mornings are leading up to the same event? Its fun to capture the guys too!