Hashtagging your wedding

The big day is drawing near! The cake is chosen, the dress is waiting patiently to fulfill its ice long purpose, the details are coming together perfectly. You may think you’ve got everything checked off the list, but there is one new wedding trend you won’t want to miss.

DSC 41 3 Hashtagging your wedding

These days, social media is a MUST and capturing each moment of our daily rituals is not an uncommon place. So why not use this streamline to capture your wedding as well?

What many couples are doing now is crowd-sourcing their wedding day photos using a unique hashtag name on Instagram. If you are not familiar with this Instagram, its a photo sharing social media online. By doing this, guests are able to snap photos from their smart phones all day from their point of view, and then use a custom hashtag to tag you in the photo basically. Now of course, this doesn’t replace a professional photographer, but just adds to the fun of your wedding by getting your guests involved! How fun is that?! Personally I would have loved to have this little extra option as part of my wedding to share in the experiences of the guests through their images.  Hashtagging your wedding is not as scary and complicated as it sounds! You can do this!

A few example hashtags could be:


How to set up your #hashtag:

Get an Instagram account
Decide on a #hashtag name
Inform your guests of the hashtag either in the invitations or at the wedding in some way

If you want the photos that your guests are tagging to go into a designated account for printing, you can do that as well!

Heres what you need:

Internet storage account such as dropbox or Flikr.
Ittt.com (If this than that) account. With this site you can set up for example If this(certain people #ryansarahwedding)
Then that(photo auto uploads into created album dropbox etc)

And wahla!

You can even ask your guests to help document all of your festivities leading up to the wedding by informing them in advance of the hashtag and ask them to start using it asap!  I think its a very modern and fun way to connect with your guests and also catch those extra behind the scenes moments.



What do you think about #hashtagging weddings?  Leave your comments below! Id love to hear from you!