help wanted: cheeky love quotes

Hey friends!


Happy Tuesday in the beautiful tundra that seems to be thawing finally!   I know I have been slow to blog, and a little absent lately, but Ive been working hard to get my studio space all set and today I have a special request that needs your input.



As part of my brand and my studio, I have a little coffee corner for my potential and current clients to enjoy a nice cup of brew from my Keurig.   My dear friend and owner of Twin Lakes Pottery is hand making me some custom coffee mugs for my guests to use when they come.  Id like to have some cute little quotes about love or marriage on them.  I want my clients to feel at ease when we meet for the first time, and if it lightens the spirit to laugh, all the better!!  Something short and clever.   I posted a little example below of one I like…….




Screen Shot 2014 03 11 at 1.40.17 PM help wanted: cheeky love quotes

So PLEASE pretty please leave your ideas and comments below and help me think up some great quotes for these awesome mugs!