how to get the most out of your wedding season series- part 2

“A goal properly set is halfway reached.”
– Abraham Lincoln

Today I’m continuing my series on ‘how to get the most out of your wedding season.’  This is part 2 out of 8.  I originally intended these posts to be for wedding photographers, but really these are great tips for any business owner.  Setting goals.  How many of us really set goals?  I know myself well enough.  I like to talk about things I want to accomplish, but rarely do I actually move forward in getting to those accomplishments. But when I do set goals it encourages me and challenges me to do my best and accomplish what I had initially intended. It keeps me always pushing for a better experience for my clients, and that is my top goal.  Here are a few things I do to help me follow through! : )

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businessgoalsblog how to get the most out of your wedding season series  part 2


A lot of times, people think goals means long term. But just like with anything, I believe taking one day at a time is what really moves us forward. If we think about our goals long term, then they seem less achievable. Think of 5 major goals per day that you can accomplish that bring you closer to your long term goals as well.  This also helps me get more done throughout the day during my busy wedding season of NON STOP EDITING!

There is power in writing your goals down. It helps your mind process them faster and thus the heightens the likeness of following through.  I love Michael Hyatt’s post on this.

Daily I set time limits for how long I have to get each thing done. That way I don’t get stuck daydreaming and then completely giving up because my day is wasted. If you just can’t get your brain rolling for a certain task, move on to the next one or do a simpler one, and then come back to the others. It gives you a new fresh sense of accomplishment, and perspective.

If you have a hard time following through on your own, find someone who can encourage you to reach the goals you set. Find a friend and tell each other your goals and keep each other accountable in attaining those goals.

What are some of your goals and how do you reach them? Leave your comments below! Id love to hear from you!