How to get the most out of your wedding season series-part 1

Winter is coming to a blissful end, and spring only means one thing to a wedding photographer.. wedding season!   As photographers we spend our winter months furthering our education, honing our technical skills, expanding our social media outlets, networking, bettering our business + updating our website (to name just a few).  Sometimes it can be hard to get back on track come wedding season. Or maybe this is your first wedding season as a professional photographer and you don’t know where to start. It took me a few years to realize how many unproductive hours I had spent by not having a system to help me stay on track and have a consistent work flow.  Being organized and available to my wedding couples is something I value in my business.    This 8 post series will be on how to get the most out of your wedding season.  It can be an overwhelming and stressful time of year for us who shoot MN weddings, so I will be focusing on ways to help you make your day more productive and less intimidating. : ) 

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blogpostpart1  How to get the most out of your wedding season series part 1




Not only is it more stimulating to the brain to work in a clean space, its much more productive when you know where everything is.  If your work space is cluttered,  you feel cluttered!  Dont allow yourself to get overwhelmed over something so simple when you have much bigger things to focus on! (Like weddings!) 


Having your clients paperwork readily available when needed, is super important when you need to know something pronto. You also wouldn’t want to run the risk of possibly losing an address for a wedding just because you failed to keep it in a safe place.  This can also mean being organized on your computer with your files.  Have them accessible and in folders you can find easily.   Personally, I chose to keep hard copies of my clients information, because I just don’t trust the digital world as much as others.  Knowing where your paper work is will help you reference and prepare for sessions + weddings easily throughout the season.


Ok, this is a big one for me.  It may not concern you, but Ill tell you why I had to add this to the list.   Having a clean desktop goes along with having a clean work space and having your paper work organized.  When you start up your computer for the day, and you have 1,478,629 folders, photos and random files all over the place, its not de-stressing to your work flow and thus not making your day less overwhelming.  Keep your desktop organized.  Every minute spent searching for a file or image is time away from other things you enjoy.  I keep mine sectioned with folders names as ‘TO DO’, “FINISHED’, ‘ ALBUM ORDERS’, ‘INVOICES DUE’ and so on.


This may not seem like an organization task, but organization can be a learning habit. And backing up your files / images the instant you get home is definitely a habit you need to start ASAP!   I backup to an external hard drive and to an online server.  


Okay, I take it back what I said about a clean desktop.  Well, not really, but this one is actually my real favorite! Please don’t judge me when I say this.  But making to do lists is actually one of my favorite things to do period!  Now, I realize how that sounds, but for me personally, it really helps keep me accountable to staying on top of my tasks, thus keeping me more organized and better accomplished!

I’m sure there are many ways of doing things, but this is just how I do things and keep my sanity during a busy wedding season.  These tips can also be useful for portrait photographers!

 So that’s part 1 of the series ‘ How to get the most out of your wedding season’.   Was this helpful?  What things do you do to stay organized and on top of things during the crazy wedding season?  Share your thoughts below in the comments! : )
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      Thanks Mel! So glad these tips helped you ladies!

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    Awesome tips :)

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      Thanks Leah!

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  • Amy Kastenbauer

    Thanks for a concise and helpful post, Dana! Great tips. And, I love your file boxes!

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      Oh Im so glad it was helpful Amy! :)