how to get the most out of your wedding season series-part 3


We all have them. They come in different shapes, sizes and disguises.   That’s right I’m talking about strengths and weaknesses!  Your strengths and weaknesses must be identified before you can truly and honestly make progress.  Wether its in your life, your faith, or your business, you have to find out what they are so you can move forward.   This will most assuredly help your work day!  Start by asking yourself a few questions to jump start your though process on S + W’s.  You can also find great aptitude tests online that help you figure out a more detailed account and pinpoint your strengths + weaknesses.

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(Above: A photo representing me having more time to do more shooting!)

Here are a few examples from my life that can help you get started!

STRENGTH: When do you do your best work?
For me its in the morning. If I can get up early and start my day right away with reading the word or exercising I am much more productive.  If I can do that, I get a lot more done earlier in the day!

WEAKNESS:  Letting go of control
One weakness of mine is, I do not hire out any of the work. (editing, accounting taxes.) so I am constantly doing busy work when I should be hiring out certain things .  If I were to do that, I would be freed up to communicate more with my clients and do more shooting.


This tip will DEFINITELY help you get the most out of your wedding season by getting you closer to better and more efficient productivity!


****What things do you do to recognize your strengths and weaknesses?