how to get the most out of your wedding season series-part 4

Hello! So if you have been following along, this is part 4 of ‘how to get the most out of your wedding season.’  If you are just joining in now, this is my 4th wedding season, so my goal in writing these posts is to try to help others learn from what I have figured has worked best for me in the getting the most use of my busy time.   As I’ve explained previously in posts, these tips can be for anyone, not just wedding photographers!   If you would like to read the other posts in the series to catch up, you can find them here:

Tip #2: SET GOALS!


Tip #4: Stay on top of your schedule

I have found that this particular post is one of the most important ones.  I become extremely overwhelmed if I am not on top of my schedule.  I hate feeling unprepared!  Maybe you are a “fly by the seat of your pants” type, but I am not that person. icon smile how to get the most out of your wedding season series part 4 If you are like me, you will definitely want to keep reading!

Make sure you know when you have things scheduled.  Keep track by logging your schedule into your calendar.  This probably seems silly, but when you get really busy its easy to forget what you have going on in one day. Take note immediately after you schedule a meeting or shoot so that you don’t forget about it later.  I use my calendar app on my phone to give me a warning a few days before, and then again a few hours before when I have something coming up.

Follow up with your client meetings and shoots.  This IS part of your job.  Send them a reminder the week of that they have something scheduled with you.  I will be honest, before I started doing this, there have been times that I showed up to a meeting (sometimes an hour away) and they had forgotten.  This is most certainly not a good use of time.   Also, your clients are busy planning a wedding! Make them feel taken care of and build their trust in you by making their life easier.

Part of keeping up with your schedule is, here it is-the big reveal- having a schedule!  Again, to clarify, I am not suggesting that every person works the same.  These tips are just what works for me.  So that being said, it helps me to check my schedule each evening and add to it the things I want to do around what I already have scheduled.  I also give myself time limits to help me get things done quicker, and lessens my chances of starting things I cant finish because I have something else in my schedule coming up.

Don’t become a re-scheduler!  Nothing is more unprofessional then canceling appointments or shoots. (Weather permitting.)  People are very busy, and if they have made time for you, then be there when they have graciously offered to give you their time.  This includes not only clients, but other industry vendors and photographers that you are networking with.

I hope these tips help you keep up!

What helps you stay on top of your schedule?