Ireland 2011

This fall I had the opportunity to travel to Ireland with my husband for our annual anniversary vacation. Oh how I would adore being an Ireland wedding photographer!  One of goals for my business as it grows is to be an international wedding photographer.  The remarkable cliffs, ocean shores, and rolling terrain of Ireland, is a country I have my heart set on to be a common destination for me to shoot weddings at.  If you know anyone wanting to plan an Irish wedding in Ireland, please contact me!  And if any of you ever have a chance to explore Ireland, I definitely recommend it! 

We stayed in this cute little village called Adare, near Limerick City. It was SO cute! I had a blast wallking the footpaths, as they say in Ireland (sidewalks) through the little village seeing all the shops and boutiques.  Ireland has always been known for the color green, and boy was that true! Even in November the green was quite lush and beautiful to take in as we traveled around.  I think my favorite part of the trip though, was just meeting locals and talking with Irish folk.   It is fun to sight see, but what I love best about traveling is just really getting to know the culture and ways that different people live their lives. I posted a view photos below to show you a few of the different things we experienced on our trip! 

Ireland+wedding+photographer 2 Ireland 2011 Ireland+wedding+photographer 1 Ireland 2011

I am SO in love with horses.  So naturally, I absolutely love that there were horses everywhere in Ireland.  This spot here was not on our “to do list” but just a place off the beaten path that we found while driving.  It was some old ruins of some sort. 
This was near the Cliffs of Moher.  I really like this photo because of the fog that was rolling in. So charming. icon smile Ireland 2011

 Here we have… The CLIFFS OF MOHER!!!   This was a great sight to see in Ireland.  It is listed as one of the the top places to see in Ireland and its also nominated to be the 8th Wonder of the World!  

 The other side of the Cliff of Moher.  Sometimes you can see sharks, dolphins and whales basking in the sun below.  We didnt see any when we were there. icon sad Ireland 2011

 My adorably handsome husband Gabe!  Isnt he a cutie? (in front of The Cliffs of Moher.)

                                                                 A picture of us together. :) 

 In Ireland they call the roads Carriageways.  This is how wide the roads are everywhere! It was insane driving! By the way, this is a 2 lane road! 

 Heres a shot from the vehicle. We were with a group of people so we had to rent a mini bus! Most people drive really small cars over there.  Needless to say, we knocked a few mirrors! shh dont tell icon wink Ireland 2011

This photo was taken when we were walking to the Blarney Castle.   I thought this tree was really unique.  It reminds me of how God has us all on different walks but leads to the same place. icon smile Ireland 2011  The Roots. 

I think wood is probably really expensive to import because they have made all their fencing and road medians out of bushes!  There is a lack of trees in Ireland.  I thought it was a great idea! 

 Ahhhh… the doors of Dublin.  The different colored doors all throughout Dublin City is significant to its history. The Georgian style townhouses had to adhere to strict architectural guidelines. In order to set themselves apart, the former residents of Georgian Dublin painted their front doors whatever color they fancied added ornate knockers, elegant fanlights above the door, and wrought iron boot scrapers, near the the entrance.

      This photo was taken at Quin Abbey.  I just really liked the cool looking building in the     backround.  It is actually a tomb.

  Irelands beautiful landscape.
And last but not least, us again! In Dublin on a bus tour around the gorgeous historic city. 

 And of course what would an international trip be without meeting a few photographers along the way?    One photographer I met there impressed me with his amazing landscape photography.  We met at a little farmers market in Cork.  Check out John Hickey’s work here.

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    besides wanting to go to ireland, this made me want to buy the same camera as you! though it takes more talent than that! always amazed.