Jordan & Andrea { Minnetonka Orchard Wedding }

What better way to get to know this adorable couple than to share their engagement story straight from the bride herself?  I think hearing each couples love story is one of my favorite parts of being a wedding photographer. I just LOVE that everyone has different special memories that make their relationship unique to them.  :-)

Our Engagement story: 

We fell in love when Jordan and I drove together through tornadoes in southern Minnesota. He rescued me earlier in the day with flowers after I had crashed my car in Minneapolis, and I ended up rescuing him later that night after his car broke down near Mankato during severe storms.

Our first official date was on the 4th of July, 2010, at the Stonearch Bridge in Minneapolis. Fireworks and celebration…very fitting!

On an early Sunday morning in November 2011, we were making breakfast together, and among the ingredients spread over the counter, Jordan had hidden a Sweetheart candy heart that said “Marry Me.” Eventually, after some coaxing by Jordan that there was “something behind the eggs,” I found the heart and down on one knee he went!  - Andrea