Marriage isn’t like the movies

This morning I was praying for my husband.  I just started thinking about how I can be so impatient with him.  So demanding of his time even after he works all day.  My impossibly high expectations.  Making him wait for me when we are getting ready to go somewhere, and causing him to ALWAYS and I meant ALWAYS be late. Im working on that this year. : ) I think we can probably all relate to those things in some degree, so Ill wrap this up by saying I have been ever so un-loving many times through out our 4 years of marriage.  4 years doesn’t seem like much, but for many these days that is far past the point they decided to stop trying at their marriage.  I don’t know every personal situation for divorce, so Im not judging.  But, I do feel like in general the idea of commitment is completely foreign.

Today I had not planned on blogging about my marriage or my husband, but then I turned on my computer this morning and this is what I found:



Screen Shot 2014 01 16 at 10.52.36 AM Marriage isnt like the movies

I just couldn’t not acknowledge this.  I mean, look, he messed up my work flow!  haha, just Kidding. In all seriousness though, one act of kindness towards your spouse can totally change things around.  I read this today and my heart was so full. After all the things I do that are un-loving, Let’s be clear, Im not like throwing him down the stairs-but he has definitely learned patience being married to me. : )  Here he goes and does this. Wow, it made my day, and made me think about how I can love him better today. It makes me take my mind off of myself and focus on others.  We have a very happy marriage and Im thankful we don’t really have many serious issues to work out.  But to each their own, and I know there are hard times in many families right now.The movies we watch like romantic comedies can make love seem like this amazing feeling that lasts forever and once that feeling is gone, then you just break up and move on. Love is not about a feeling. Its love. Its unconditional. Its forgiving. And its a choice you make everyday.  Gabe chose to love me this morning even if I didn’t deserve it.

So, words of advice from a wedding photographer- ladies, pray for your husband before you even meet him!  And to those who are married, show your husband a loving gesture or act of kindness without being asked and it can change your relationship.  Show love when it isn’t deserved and I almost can guarantee it will slowly chip away the hardness of the hardest heart.  When you work at it and commit and CHOSE to love,  it CAN + WILL last a lifetime.  This goes without saying, that if there are more serious issues or harm to individuals involved, please seek professional counceling or help.  This post is meant as an encouragement to those that are just feeling “out of love.”  And is not meant as the answer to every marriage problem.

A shout out to my husband, Gabe- You make my heart glad! and thank you for loving me even when its not easy. : )

What do you think about this idea?  What ways do you “chose” to love your spouse? 

  • Leah

    I’m so new at this and just learning as we go. But I do guess I try to overlook the unimportant annoyances, and pray for him through everything, and speak respectfully and lovingly to him always, and always tell him the good things I think about him! :)

    Carry on in love, Dana & Gabe!