October baby

I have so many things to share this week! But, first things first! Ive been dying to tell and so excited to announce…..



WE ARE EXPECTING our first baby in October!

Let the baby bump photos begin! I would be just the worst photographer if I didn’t keep up on this now wouldn’t I? So, here we go!





baby bump bliog October baby

I just want to extend my assurance to all my clients that I fully intend to work through summer and fall until the baby is born. If there is any reason that I am unable to fulfill my responsibilities as your photographer, I have a back up photographer available to step in! Worry free!!

Im so happy to be back from India and to start really planning for this little bundle of joy! Ill be sharing photos from India really soon! So stay tuned!

Love Dana

  • Deborah Martin

    Congratulations to you both!!! May God Bless you on this new exciting journey of parenthood :)

  • danajphoto

    Thank you so much Deb! You are so sweet. Hope you are enjoying the first signs of spring! :)