PASS-for brides

What can possibly be more important than getting your wedding images up on social media asap to share with your friends and family?  Not much else is high on the priority list than that! So here’s me getting with the times.. ; )

I am super excited to now announce that I will be offering a new service to my wedding clients that is really unique to the average way most brides receive their wedding photos from their photographers.   It’s called PASS, and it allows you to download your images straight from the internet, view your wedding images on any device and even create a customized app tab for your wedding and view and order professional prints straight from your phone! All displayed in a beautiful scrolling gallery!  No more old school discs that can be scratched, stolen, lost or eaten by your pet unicorn. (you have one of those, right?)

Well, I think PASS will sell its self to you!  Watch the video below and you will be equally as excited as I am about this amazing new option for my 2014 wedding couples!



Don’t feel silly if you watched it a few times to make sure you weren’t dreaming.  You’re not! This is the real deal.  PASS will be included with every wedding collection and wedding package and engagement session for 2014 couples : )


I am so excited to be sharing in all the wedding joys with each and every one of my wedding couples this year!  Thank you all for trusting me and asking me to share in such a lovely part of your story.  Much love and blessings along the way!  Happy pinning!


What do you think of PASS?  Share in the comments!