why photographers take weird photos at weddings

Haha. I realize the title of this post is interesting. Well, its a valid question, is it not? Ever see wedding photographers leaning awkwardly over table decor? Or laying completely still sprawled out across the floor? How about the moment you look over and see a starving wedding photographer pause to take beautiful art captures of the slab of beef sitting on their dinner plate???…..

Confession. I AM one of those photographers. But I promise, I can explain!

photo why photographers take weird photos at weddings

Me in my natural habitat icon smile why photographers take weird photos at weddings  Photo taken off of my Instagram.  Taken with iPhone.

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Example of said weird photo.




Yes, that is prime rib right there. Did I mention that it was a BUFFET STYLE prime rib dinner? My husband was a little bitter when I snap chatted him a photo of this while at this wedding! (Thank you Aubrae and Clinton for the BEST wedding meal I have ever consumed!) Im pretty sure I have yet to shoot an entire wedding without one person asking me at least once through out the day why Im taking a photo of this or that. Most of the time they look at me like Im crazy. They are probably wondering what street corner the bride and groom picked me up from to shoot their wedding! haha. I remember when I first started out as a wedding photographer. At my very first paid wedding, a guest came over to specifically ask why I was taking a photo of the table details and gave me their sincere opinion on why they thought it was the most absurd thing they have ever seen. My feelings were so hurt I ran outside to cry, call my husband and gain my composure back. I was still so green as a photographer, thin skinned and all! But over the years I have gained such a confidence and belief in why I shoot the way I do, that I truly enjoy when I get those questions, so I can explain what an awesome and important thing it is to be a weirdo!

I understand also that there are many different styles of wedding photographers out there. Some have a more traditional approach to wedding photography, while others, like myself, chose to be labeled as a photo JOURNALIST. This is more of an editorial style of shooting that includes details shots and every angle of the day unfolding. Especially those shots that are more candid moments. So the reason why photographers take weird photos at weddings is this. The small things matter! Ive been a bride. Ive put tears and sweat into my wedding. So I totally and completely understand the hard work and the heart that brides and couples put into their weddings. I know I have said this an annoying amount of times, but your wedding images WILL BE all that is left of your wedding. So I make sure to photograph EVERY. LAST. DETAIL. From the design on the cake, to the party favors, handwritten notes, and yes, even the food. I can’t even remember what all we had for dinner at our wedding. We didn’t get photos of that, and its kind of a bummer that our first meal together is just a faded memory lost forever. And to get those shots, sometimes it takes being an olympic gymnast/contortionist to do so!

9 details I always make sure to get:

1. The dress details up close
2. The engraved items such as a tie clip, or hanker chief.
3. Bouquet piks and special moments on the bouquet.
4. The ceremony candles or sand up close.
5. The food!!!
6. Cake design details up close.
7. The rings
8. any unique clothing someone is wearing- i.e. groom has awesome socks on!
9. Table decor, guest book etc.

So I will apologize in advance, if you look over and see me in a way your eyes cannot unsee, know that it is for a worthy cause! : )

What weird photos have you seen photographers take? Or are you a weird photo photographer? Tell me more in the comments!!

  • Veronica

    I love the photo of our rings we have. We also had a framed photo of my Nana on my “side” of the altar and Zach and a framed photo of his Grandmother on his “side” (my Nana passed 10 months before and Zach’s grandmother just the month before). Our photographer got photos of that. I am so glad she did! I also like the photo of my shoes (off) next to my dress. “Weird” photos end up being some of the best photos. :)