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One of the most important aspects of planning during the process of preparing for your wedding, is your wedding day timeline. Your wedding day should be stress-free, happy, and enjoyable! By planning out your day hour by hour, you can have peace about what will be happening when.Also,it allows you to be sure that you arent feeling rushed or have to skip out on an important portrait session, and that all the events that will be going on through out the day are included. As your wedding photographer, I take it as part of my job to help you plan this out accordingly. Helping you to only decided on the amount of hours you will need for the day, and then going through each part of the day together. This helps us both to feel prepared. With a timeline planned out, I am also able to help you keep the day moving and on track.

Below is a timeline I created for your reference. This breakdown is for a typical 9 hour wedding day, which is the standard amount of time needed from start to finish during a wedding day. A few things you will need to know before being able to fully plan out your wedding day timeline are:

–You need to know the ceremony time and length
–If you will be seeing each other (bride + groom) before the wedding (First Look)
–What time your reception will be starting, including the time dinner will be served
–What time your DJ or band will be starting
-How much time is needed for travel

Once you have those times figured out, it will be possible to complete your timeline. Check out the sample timeline below to help get an idea of how much time each part of the day will take. Keep in mind, this is merely a rough breakdown, some sections may be longer or shorter depending on the wedding. The times are based on my experience as a wedding photographer, and the average time needed at each wedding.

One last thing to add. If at all possible, keep in mind that lighting is the worst and harshest at 12 noon. The best time of day for photos would be after 1pm. If youre able to plan your wedding ceremony time at a later time, like 5 pm, that would be best! Of course I do realize, that planning your day around photos isnt always possible, but in case you are in the early stages of wedding plans, these time frames would be most ideal. Having a first look is also a strongly suggested idea which makes the day run easier by allowing us to get all your photos done before the wedding, and youre guests will be less hungry afterwards not having to wait a few hours in between the ceremony and reception for you to show up at dinner! We can work out any situation for a wedding and any start times, but again, these are just the ideal time frames.

Please leave your comments below if you have any questions about wedding day timeline planning! If you need help, Id love to answer those questions below in the comments.

Happy planning!

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