rain or shine lets shoot! or not?

He gazed into her loving eyes, as the warm and inviting sunlight danced around her face.  As he brushed his hand against her cheek, the gorgeous light poured over both of them and highlighted their affections for one another….
Ahh, doesnt that sound dreamy? That is the picture I think of when I see a beautiful couple with engagement photos that were taken during a magical amazing hour of sunlight. Shooting on a sunny day as appose to a rainy day is definitely my first choice! Here is why.

A few weeks ago, I shot Lauryn + Josh’s engagement session.  We had re-scheduled the shoot due to rain, and well, it was raining again on the reschedule day!  It has been non stop rain in MN the last few weeks, and it seems it will never let up!  So we went ahead and did the session on the best possible day we could find.  But in other cases when the opportunity comes to reschedule due to rain, I always opt for reschedule!  I posted a few comparison photos below to show the difference between a sunny day session and a rainy day session.  I know the common thoughts are that rainy days are great for light because the clouds make for a good soft box.  While this is true, shooting with the sun makes for beautifully lighted portraits!  Shooting with the sun can be trickier at times, but you can trust me to use it properly and when it is, it is sooo worth the wait!

Of course, if this were a wedding day, there is no rescheduling.  Photos shot on a rainy day are not bad by any means, and you will still have beautiful photos.  In the case where rescheduling is not an option, I work with what I have surrounding me and make the best of the situation. : )



Here is Lauryn + Josh on a rainy day. This is still a great photo them and you can see how much they love each other. But, I would have loved to see them highlighted against the back round. It would have helped separate them from the scene and really add that extra pop and warm coloring with the sun.
DSC 3859 rain or shine lets shoot! or not?

This is Amanda + Dave’s engagement session. Even though Lauryn + Josh’s photo above is great, look at how the light just spills over all around these two! You can see that it has also added some very nice fill light to their faces and highlight to their hair line that allows them to stand out as the main subject. Its so dreamy and warm!
St Cloud Engagement Photography 76 rain or shine lets shoot! or not?

I hope you can see the difference and feel the difference in the two photos.  I want you to not only have the most outstanding images as possible, but also enjoy your time shooting with me as well!   I will be posting more helpful tips when planing your engagement photos later on so stay tuned!


What do you prefer? Sunny light photos or overhead cloudy photos? No right or wrong answer, just a preference! : ) Share your comments below!