setting goals in 2014

I am a sincere advocate of setting goals and writing them down on paper.  Ive seen proof of this working in others lives around me.   It is actually said that most people who do not write them down do not follow through.  I can most assuredly attest to that last statement!  I dont want to be that person- even though, I am that person. So in lou of the new year -’New Years Resolution’ is a word we know yes?  So here’s to starting towards a more successful goal reaching year than the last.  I also really want to grow as a leader and as a person.  I think having goals set and written out moves me closer to this responsibility.   Park Rapids Photographer 27 2 setting goals in 2014 Writing down goals will help motivate, and encourage you along the way.  It helps you to see your progress and it makes it real.  So lets go in on this together!  You can do it!  Trust me, I have such lazy days, Im serious. But we can do this! : ) Here are some of my business and personal goals this year to start out.  I just want to share mine with you and maybe it will help get you started in the direction of writing down yours!  Im sure I will be adding to them as the year goes by and as the year develops.   BUSINESS GOALS -Book a destination wedding -Read 1 business book a month -blog 3 times a week -submit weddings to wedding blogs -revise and create a shooting/editing and wedding work flow from start to finish -start using twitter -research one new shooting technique every two weeks -go to an MJ2day wedding photographer workshop -think more creatively with marketing and inspiring ideas for my couples -network with more vendors -encourage new photographers -shoot 2 styled shoots working with wedding industry professionals I adore -book 3 weddings at 3 of my preferred wedding venues   PERSONAL GOALS -read one book a month for fun -learn music theory -practice guitar 30 min a day -practice piano 30 min a day -wake up at 6am -watch less TV -pray for others more -start writing music -photograph more of my life outside of weddings -seek the will of the Lord and obedience everyday -make more time to visit and network with photographer friends -Do more date nights and kind gestures for my husband   I also follow Michael Hyatt’s blog on leadership and personal/business growth and he has a great little 5 day course on having your best year yet!  You can check that out here. What are some goals you have set for yourself, your business or spiritual walk? Happy goal setting!