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There are so many little details to planning your wedding. After hiring your photographer, (hopefully its me!) your flowers are usually the next important thing to check off your to do list. When I got married, I honestly had NO CLUE about anything when it came to planning a beautiful wedding, and I went cheap and boring. I just didn’t know that there were so many cool ideas out there! I don’t want that for you, but I also don’t want you to be so overwhelmed you cant decide what to do. There are so many different flowers and arrangements to chose from, so I thought I could help you start narrowing down your wedding flower options with a few helpful ideas!

* What is the theme of your wedding?
Your flowers are the most important detail when it comes to keeping up the theme of your wedding.

* Once you can name the theme of your wedding, list 3 colors that work best with your theme.
what coordinating colors do you love and also fit well with the theme of your day?

* Will the bouquets be simple, or detailed?
Decide if your flowers will have other things added such as piks, feathers, or other accessories.

* What flowers are in season during the month of your wedding?
This will help majorly! If you cant find the flowers you had your heart set on when its time to order for that season, you will be heartbroken! It will also be more cost efficient + safer for your flowers if they don’t have to be imported.

* What time of year is your wedding?
You dont want to have lime green flowers during a winter wedding. (Or maybe you do!) But keep in mind the feel of the season and environment around you when choosing your arrangements.

* Make a Pinterest board.
It will help you keep track of what you naturally gravitate towards, and any sites or inspiration you might want to come back to.

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Here are some examples from a few of my past weddings!

blogflowers tips on narrowing down your wedding flower options for brides

blogflowers2 tips on narrowing down your wedding flower options for brides

*****What helped you when planning for your flower arrangements and bouquets? Why did you chose what you did for your wedding? Please share your helpful tips for other brides in the comments! Id love to hear from you! *****