top 6 must read wedding blogs-for brides

The internet is a scary place, I know. It’s jam packed full of ideas, colors, DIY, advice, options, opinions and funny pictures of cats. It can be overwhelming to try and figure out what it is you actually want or even need for your wedding and all that entails. Ive been privileged enough to have had very wise advice given to me as Ive grown my business. One very crucial piece of advice I was given, is to set up gatekeeper blogs. The definition of gatekeeper; an attendant at the gate who is employed to control who goes through it. This gatekeeper blog advice was set up to control how much information, advice and wedding ideas I was taking in from all angles. A person can only process so much! I needed to control the amount of wedding/photography blogs I was reading, otherwise I’d spend all day! So, I took the advice with arms wide open. I chose my favorite 4-5 blogs that I follow consistently to get all my related information to growing my business, excelling as photographer, keeping up with the wedding world, brides etc. It has helped me immensely, and I am a much happier, less stressed version of me.

You can gate keep too!

I want you, brides and couples, to be a much happier, less-stressed version of you as well, mmmmk?! So Ive given you a start to what I think are the top 6 must read wedding blogs for wedding resource and planning tips. Keep in mind my advice to which blogs are good is trustworthy, considering I spend a great deal on these blogs myself. Below I have listed an image, a link and a short bio of the site and why I think its great.





style me pretty top 6 must read wedding blogs for brides


First up, Style Me Pretty Minnesota

This is the Ultimate wedding blog to find everything your little heart desires!  Everything from trending fashion to DIY and real weddings, this is a must read to add to your list as gatekeeper.  What I love about this site, is that it has individual sites for each state, so you get to see real weddings from local couples! And the ideas are suitable for your location, venue options and type of climate for your state.   Im in MN, so I linked to the Mn site.  But you can easily search on this site for any area.





mn bride  top 6 must read wedding blogs for brides

MN Bride

Naturally, this site is one of the most classy, elegant and high trafficked sites for wedding resources.  Again, this is for Mn couples, but this online magazine is available for other states as well.  This site gives great information on local venues, bridal shoppes, ideas, and a vendor directory for MN weddings.  They also have a hard copy magazine available in most stores and bookstores.  I love flipping through actual print and viewing real weddings from locations Ive been or have shot at!





perfect palette top 6 must read wedding blogs for brides

The Perfect Palette

This wedding blog is not just for local MN weddings.  What I love about this site is it gives ideas by the color!  You are able to see real weddings and ideas based on the colors you have chosen for your wedding.  If you havent gotten that far, this is also a great site to get some ideas on what color schemes and themes go together!






rustic weddings top 6 must read wedding blogs for brides


Rustic Wedding Chic

This is a unique site designed around the bride who wants to plan the much anticipated and highly popular, ‘rustic’ wedding style!  This is a continuously growing trend in weddings to have a rustic chic wedding, so I added this to the list.  Many of you are probably planning a wedding that revolves around the theme of rustic barn wedding, or country wedding, so narrow down your endless search for ideas with this very specific wedding themed blog.

wedding chicks top 6 must read wedding blogs for brides

Wedding Chicks

This site is awesome! Another ultimate wedding planning and resource blog.  They offer printable material for lists, charts, ideas and more!  This is a must read for DIY, ideas and inspiration! Love this blog!





grooms top 6 must read wedding blogs for brides


Grooms Advice

Lastly, let us not forget about our beloved grooms!   Who said brides do all the work?  I bet a lot of you lucky ladies out there have grooms that are happy to help when it comes to planning, especially on their details.  This site is created and designed by men, for men.  Great tips, advice, attire and more for grooms! Everything from ask the expert advice to getting groomsman gifts, this blog has it all for the guys.  :)

These are my 6 suggested gatekeeper blogs for you brides and couples out there.  If you have started any planning, Im sure you have seen what a zoo it is out there in the cyber world when it comes to weddings!  Make your life simpler, use the gatekeeper method. Its yours.  Have it.  Embrace it.  Love it.

Please give your comments below!  Do you have any other great wedding blog suggestions?  Do you use a gatekeeper method?  If so, I’d love to hear from you!