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Today I got to chat with Rachael from KD Floral in Bemidji.  We did a Skype Interview, and let me say,  we were pretty excited that we pulled it off! (Both of us not so tech savvy.)   Rachael is seriously so sweet and so incredibly talented at what she does!  I interviewed Rachael because I wanted to help brides feel more understanding and comfortable about working with a florist and get a little more detail about what the process can be like. She also gave some great tips and ideas for unique bouquets and other things that help the flower planning portion go smoothly. I am very excited to work with her in the near future and highly recommend her!  I also listed the questions and answers below.   Hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed Skyping!

 Really important things about Rachael’s life:

What song do you love to dance to? I am not much of a dancer, however when I cook, I like to boogie in my kitchen! We are huge Bob Marley fans I love the song three little birds.

What is your most embarrassing hairstyle, like, ever?  When I was growing up I didn’t realize I should leave my hair curly so I would brush it out all the time and it would get HUGE!  And then I had a perm in just my bangs. It was terrible!

If you could meet one person in history, who would it be?  I think that what pops first in mind would be Ghandi.  More personally it would be awesome to meet the first perosn in our family lineage who came across from Europe.  It would just be awesome to have that conversation!

Onto the wedding questions!

How long have you been doing weddings and what got you interested in floral design?

Ive been in the industry for 10 years. I really started doing weddings almost immediately.   It is so wonderful to be able to come somewhere beautiful everyday. (The flower store). I like looking at bridal bouquets and seeing weddings and being inspired.  I realized when I was in school in Iceland that everything that I cared about there was that I wanted to go to the floral shops! It just hit me one day that that is what I wanted to do.

We all love a good story.  Tell us about one of your first wedding experiences. icon smile wedding vendor skype interview: kd floral

I had a bride that said I could do whatever I wanted.  It was exciting and scary at the same time. The day of the wedding we delivered the flowers and we came back to the office and the phone rang.  It was the bride and she was crying.  I was horrified and scared!! She got on the phone and she was in tears because of how beautiuful her bouquet was.  That was so memorable to me that flowers can make such a difference in peoples lives.  That really stuck with me that flowers are really important for your wedding.

Can you describe your signature style?

We are generally elegant, organic.  We like to have things that have movement but still classy and professional. We do alot of rustic, bling and elegant bouquets.  Our favorite is definalty something with a little uniquness to it.

What is the process of working with a florist like for a bride?

Generally 8-10 months out you would want to contact us to make sure the date is available.  Then set up a first consult. We sit down and go over the theme of the wedding and then put it together with the flowers that relect who you are as a person.  We like to have a final consult 1 month prior to the wedding and nail down the nitty gritty details. Then on the day of we come and set up and when you arrive it looks beautiful. We like to walk people through the process and make it as easy as possible.

What should a client know before meeting with you?

I would say that you should definatley have your colors picked out.  There are so many flowers to choose from, that having the colors choosen helps us go in the right direction.  Know the style of wedding you want to have.  Then a list of who will be needing flowers like grandpa and mom etc..   It is a good idea to bring just one other person with to help keep you on track and help make decisions.

On a scale from 1-10 how important would you say it is to have real flowers instead of artificial?

Its way way up there in 10!  You can tell it makes such a difference when you walk in to a reception room and there are fresh flowers. Its this overwhelming feeling of celebration and beauty!  When you walk in to a room with artificial flowers it still may be beautiful but it doesnt evoke those same emotions.  And when you are holding your bouquet and you realize you are about to get married you should be holding something beautiful and that makes you so happy. There are studies that have been done that show how fresh flowers elevate your mood and on the day of your wedding who doesnt want an extra mood elevator?   I realize that the flowers are perishable and they only last the day, but as cheesy as it sounds, you have those memories are forever and you want to be happy with what you see in those photos.

What advise can you give brides when they are choosing their arrangements and bouquets?

When a couple comes to see us we also like if you can bring a variety of pictures or a pinterest board, that helps us look at your overall vision and then we can help suggest flowers.  If your’e willing to be flexible and allow your florist to give you some ideas and offer up some things that you maybe never have thought of putting in your bouquet, we can help you create something that is a reflection of who you are and not just a copy off of a magazine.

What ideas can you give to brides that could make their bouquet a little more unique?

We have done things  from attaching a broach to a bouquet that was a brides grandmother’s to adding a succulent plant. When you do the succulents you can actually plant it later and keep it!  We also have air plants that are living plants that we can tuck into a bouquet and you can keep them once your bouquet has “passed” away as we call it. icon smile wedding vendor skype interview: kd floral

Thanks for the lovely chat Rachael!  I hope this interview was helpful!

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What do you think of the interview?  Are there any other questions you might have for Rachael?  Let me know in the comments! Thanks!