what everbody should know about wedding albums

A wedding isn’t just another event. It isn’t a “party.” It is a one of the most cherished days of a person’s life. A day that you celebrate with all of your close family and dear friends. A day that is forever remembered and celebrated. A day that a man and a woman come together as husband and wife, and start a beautiful journey together. After the day is over, the food will be gone, the moment has passed, the music has stopped and the flowers have wilted, Your wedding photographs are all that is left to be able to live those moments again. Now, I realize this has been said time and time again, but it rings true in every wedding of all time! Your wedding photos are truly the only thing that remains from that day for you to look back on. Your first kiss as a married couple, the last photo of you with your grandma. These are the reasons your wedding images are so valuable for years to come. Not only are those reasons that you should not go cheap with your wedding photos, but also why having an album to relive that significant day and pass down through generations of family.

As a personal testimony I will share a story with you. A few months back, my friend was having a surprise birthday party. I happened to arrive early with my mother in law, so we sat down in the living room and waited. As we sat waiting for the arrive of other guests, there were 3 different albums laying out on the coffee table. (Just underneath and in view.) One of each child in the family that had been married. We began flipping through the pages and found ourselves feeling joy and happiness as we experienced my friends wedding day for the first time as if we were there! I wasn’t friends with her at the time of her wedding, so it was really really amazing that I could pick up that book and see from start to finish what her wedding day was like for her. I felt suddenly like I had been there! I have always believed that wedding albums are important, but after that day, It opened my eyes even more to the impact of wedding albums and their presence in a room.

What everybody should know about wedding albums:

Your guests will love it
As a person who hosts dinners, baby showers, and game nights I know what it’s like to have people standing around, perhaps arrived early or maybe just haven’t been to your place before and want to get to know you better. It is so fun to be able to have that wedding album out to share with people one of the most important days of your life. I can testify that I LOVED seeing my friends wedding album as I waited for the party to start and I feel like I was able to peek into a part of her life I didn’t get to be there for.

Technology changes faster than you can say history

Everyone wants a disc of all the images from their wedding day. I know, I did too and I still am happy I have it. But as technology is ever changing, eventually that disc is going to be no longer as easily usable as it is now. So instead of just having a disc, have a an album full of your wedding day images that you know will never go out of style!

Wedding albums are a gorgeous, convenient way to display one of the most important day of your life

How often will you lead your friends/family down a hallway to your dark office, where you will scrounge for that disc of images, wait for them to load and then leave them to randomly click on pictures? Having a wedding album laying out and easy to view is so much better! You’re able to leave them to look as you continue with other guests.  Or maybe you will sit down with a friend that you now have who wasn’t able to share that day with you and be able to actually have them see the best photos from the day and in the order that it all happened, moment by moment.


Your wedding day is once in a lifetime.  “Whats priceless tomorrow, should be expensive today.” The author of that quote is unknown, but it’s a great statement.   Albums are expensive, but when you look at the longevity of enjoyment for years and years and the importance of telling your story, it doesn’t seem like such a scary investment to make.

You can view some of my sample albums here.


Below is a photo of one of my couples seeing their wedding album design for the first time.   Seeing them relive their wedding day  was priceless to me.  :  )

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